Emilio Varanini

San Francisco
  • Appointed by the California Lawyers Association
  • Current Term Extends Through June 30, 2022

Emilio Varanini was elected President of the California Lawyers Association in October of 2019 for a two year term and am also a Delegate of the California Lawyers Association to the American Bar Association House of Delegates. Prior to being elected President, he served as Vice-President of the California Lawyers Association from January 2018 when it separated from the State Bar until October of 2019.  Emilio’s responsibilities as Vice-President included serving as the liaison for the California Lawyers Association to the State Bar of California, the liaison to our Section for emerging attorneys – the California Young Lawyers Association, chairing the Access to Justice Committee, and serving as the co-chair of both the Location and Executive Director Search Committees.  He served in leadership capacities in the Sections of the State Bar, prior to their separation, in the American Bar Association, and in local bars.  Those roles included co-chairing the Governance Committee’s efforts to draft bylaws for the California Lawyers Association, serving as the President of the Italian-American Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, and participating as a member of the Multicultural Bar Alliance.