Legal Aid Funding Committee

The California State Bar’s 2019 Justice Gap Study found that low-income Californians approached legal aid organizations for help with over 450,000 problems and were fully served for only 30% of those problems.  At the same time, as a result of the recent economic downturn, funding for legal aid programs has dropped dramatically.  The Legal Aid Funding Committee seeks to remedy the  lack of access to civil legal aid by advocating for increased state and federal funding for legal aid programs and identifying new and innovative ways to fund and provide other resources  to support this critical work.  

See the committee’s meeting notes and materials here.

Catherine Blakemore, Chair
Kenneth Babcock
Diego Cartagena
Salena Copeland
Mary Flynn
Lorin Kline
David Lash
Jonathan Libby
Jack Londen
Toby Rothschild
Gary Smith
Claire Solot