Nominations now open for Aranda and Loren Miller Awards

For many years, the Access to Justice Commission’s Awards Committee has supported and participated in the process of making two awards, the Benjamin Aranda Award to a judge and the Loren Miller Award to a lawyer. The recipients are individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to and accomplishments in promoting access to justice. The Commission’s Awards Committee and its chair, Judge Lisa Jaskol, are excited to share that both awards are accepting nominations until June 30. You may find more information about each award and the nomination forms by visiting:

Benjamin Aranda Award:

“Presented for the first time in 1999, the Aranda Award honors a judge who has demonstrated a long‐term commitment to improving access to our courts, and who has significantly improved access for low‐and moderate‐income Californians. The Judicial Council, the CLA, and the California Judges Association, in association with the California Access to Justice Commission, co‐sponsor the award. The Aranda Award is named in honor of the late Judge Benjamin Aranda III, who was known for his tireless efforts to promote fairness and access in the courts.” (From the California Lawyers Association website, )
The Access Commission initiated the Aranda Award and took the lead role in administering the award process when the Commission was staffed and supported by the State Bar. In 2019, during the Access Commission’s transition from the Bar, the California Lawyers Association (CLA) ensured the continuation of this award. This year the Awards Committee is resuming its active participation in sponsoring and supporting the Aranda Award.
A list of the past Aranda Award recipients appears below.

Loren Miller Award:

“The Loren Miller Legal Services Award, named after the late Loren Miller, an African American lawyer and judge who was a leader in the civil rights movement, was established in 1977 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the State Bar of California. It is considered a lifetime achievement award and is given annually to a lawyer admitted to practice in California who has demonstrated long‐term commitment to legal services and who has personally done significant work in extending legal services to the poor. Previous award recipients include the staff of legal services organizations such as directors of litigation, executive directors and private bar attorneys.” (From the State Bar of California website,‐ Us/Who‐We‐Are/Awards/Loren‐Miller‐Legal‐Services)
This award predated the Access Commission. The State Bar Board of Governors decided the recipient of the award in 2016. As of 2019, the California Lawyers Association assumed responsibility for the Loren Miller Award, which is presented at the annual meeting of the Conference of California Bar Associations.
A list of past Loren Miller Award recipients also appears below.

Past Aranda Award Recipients

2019Hon. Carol S. Brosnahan
2016Hon. Julia C. Kelety & Hon. Colleen Toy White
2015Judge Garry Ichikawa
2014Hon. Sue Alexander
2013Hon. James R. Lambden
2012Hon. Juan Ulloa
2011Hon. Maria Rivera
2011William C. Vickrey
2010Hon. Laurie Zelon
2009Hon. Gordon Baranco
2008Hon. Francisco F. Firmat
2007Hon. Kathleen O’Leary
2006Hon. Donna M. Petre
2005Hon. Aviva K. Bobb
2004Hon. Earl Johnson, Jr.
2003Hon. Kenneth M. Kawaichi
2002Hon. Donna J. Hitchens
2001Hon. Charles W. Campbell, Jr.
2000Hon. Veronica S. McBeth
1999Hon. Judith McConnell

Past Loren Miller Award Recipients

2020Robert Newman and Jora Trang
2019Linda Kilb
2016Catherine Blakemore
2015Chris Schneider
2014Betty L. Nordwind
2013Gary Blasi
2012Melinda R. Bird
2011Sid Wolinsky
2010Gary F. Smith
2009Robert Gnaizda
2008Richard Rothschild
2007Stewart Kwoh
2006Joan Messing Graff
2005Carl R. Poirot
2004Bruce Iwasaki
2003Robert Cohen
2002Bernida Reagan
2001Joaquin Avila
2000Laurie Zelon
1999David Bryson
1998Tanya Neiman
1997Mary Burdick
1996Jack Londen
1995Toby Rothschild
1994Marilyn Holle
1993Alice Bussiere
1992Evelyn Frank
1991Edward Davis, Jr.
1990Katharine Krause
1989Elaine Alexander
1988Carole Brill
1987Donald Tamaki
1986Elena Ackel
1985Peter Reid
1984John McTernan
1983Ralph Abascal
1982Joseph Duff
1981Benjamin Dreyfus
1980John Porter
1979Fay Stender
1978Cruz Reynoso
1977Earl Johnson

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